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Why Davis Soured on Cable

Tom Cable's altercation with former defensive assistant Randy Hanson and Cable's abuse of women were chief reasons for his departure from the Raiders, managing general partner Al Davis said at a Jan. 18 news conference.

The Raiders announced Jan. 4 they would not pick up the two-year option on Cable's contract. Cable had a 17-27 win-loss record with the Raiders, including 8-8 in the 2010 season. Davis hired former offensive coordinator Hue Jackson on Jan. 17 as Cable's replacement, the Raiders' sixth head coach since 2003.

Davis, right, told reporters on Jan. 18 he fined Cable $120,000 because of the strain on the organization from two lawsuits involving Cable. Davis said he fined Cable $20,000 on each of his final six paychecks because the cases by Hanson and Cable's former girfriend, Marie Lutz, who Davis said sued Cable and the Raiders, weren't resolved and burdened team attorneys. The suit by Hanson reportedly was dismissed from court and sent to an NFL arbitrator. Davis said that Cable recently settled the suit with Lutz.

Cable reportedly filed a grievance seeking to recoup the $120,000.

Davis said a series of events soured him on Cable. Among the major transgressions were Cable’s altercation with Hanson during 2009 training camp in which Hanson sustained a broken jaw, Cable’s admission of hitting his first wife, Sandy Cable, and an allegation by Lutz that Cable physically abused her, and Lutz accompanying Cable on road games.

"All of this stuff goes a long way against my wishes, against my way of living, against my life and against the Raider way," Davis said. "And I just wasn’t going to take it anymore.

"I told Tom earlier he could be fired without pay for the wrath he brought on the organization for the allegations of his treatment of women. ... I asked Tom Cable at least three or four different times if there was anything else we have to deal with. He knew I could throw him out without any money. There's no way he can come clean on this. He knows what he did."

Davis said he resisted firing Cable during the second half of the 2010 season because the Raiders were in playoff contention with six games remaining. They went 3-3 during that stretch and missed the playoffs for the eighth straight season.

"We messed it up," Davis said, before adding: "We had been in turmoil for about a year or two after the initial stuff came out, so I just didn't think we needed another uproar at this particular time."

Davis didn't retain Cable despite almost unanimous support of Cable by Raiders players, with the notable exception of quarterback Jason Campbell.

"I just didn't think (Cable) could do it, not when I saw the contrast with Hue Jackson. "... (Cable) knew he was through, and he also knew how to go into the locker room and get the support."

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Oakland Tribune

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Al Davis speaks to reporters
during a Jan. 18 news conference.
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Updated: 01-18-2011


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